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Ie-only sites

25 agosto 2003

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Grr I hate internet explorer-only sites. I’m enjoying watching the 9th World Championships in Athletics (ever since I have been able to watch TV on my computer I am watching a lot of sports events), but the IAAF site does not work under Mozilla/Firebird.

The site looks pretty nice and displays flawlessly, but the left navigation menus do not work. You open up the source to try and find the links to the competition’s timetables (which are buried deep in their site ofc), and nothing comes up. Grrrrrr.

For those of you who like watching the Championships, here is the link to the timetable. BTW I am always amazed at how pretty most of the athletes(ses) are. A good body usually goes with the job, but it’s not only that. Maybe the greeks where sort of right?