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What's the use of an empty blog?

17 agosto 2003

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Hmmm maybe save people from writing dumb and uninteresting things….well, after the time spent writing the software to drive my weblog, I have to fill it with something, otherwise I’ll feel even dumber for developing something I don’t use (sounds like a well-known feeling, uhm).

Spent most of the afternoon at my parents’ hacking on the new window shades for the office downstairs. Hacking feels like the proper word, as it’s as slow and painful a process as developing something ugly in an unfamiliar language, or worse. The only thing that saved the afternoon was my parents’ sat tv (now you know why I went there on a Saturday afternoon).

Saw two Premier League matches (UTD-Bolton and Arsenal-uhm Everton I think), and as usual was impressed by UTD. They’re so fun to watch, their games are beautiful. And their latest buy, the young Portuguese Ronaldo, looks like a baby champion.

This evening I came back not for more hacking on the shades, but to watch the NZ-AUS Three Nations rugby match. I expected a better match, after NZ easy win two uhm three weeks ago. I can’t wait to see my favourite team, France, against NZ at this Fall World Cup, hoping they get to meet. Watching NZ play, one feels that France or any European nation (except England maybe) would be crushed instantly by the All Blacks strength, speed and hyper-technical plays. Then one remembers past World Cups, and France’s creativity, and the exceptional talent of most of its players (Poitreneau is my favourite), and the wait for the next World Cup feels even longer.