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Windows Tools

18 agosto 2003

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I will slowly migrate my bookmarks (currently scattered on at least 3 machines at work and at home) to this site, even though I’m still undecided about how to do it. One possible option is a new category type for bookmarks, whose entries are not displayed in the front page/RSS feeds, but which can accommodate folders. We’ll see.

In the meantime, I will transfer from time to time useful links from my old site (they’re stored in a MySQL DB, things would — ahem — be much easier if they were in ascii files).

Here’s tonight’s batch, in no particular order:

  • ELM (Multiple Boot Manager) a tiny, useful Japanese bookmark manager that reads the partition table and allows you to boot any valid partition on the disk, very handy when you totally mess up things =)
  • WinMerge and (better, IMHO) ExamDiff, Windows visual diff tools
  • StrokeIt mouse gestures for Windows, pretty nice if you’re into this sort of things

After 9 years of going back and forth from Windows to Linux with brief periods on various commercial Unices, a few months ago I finally managed to get rid of Windows (thanks to Slackware, which I unfortunately overlooked for a loong time), so these links are the first to go, and will slowly be buried at the bottom of my archives. =)