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Lintel in the Enterprise

16 settembre 2003

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Tonight, while trying to scan very old (100 yrs or so) negatives on my cheap ScanJet 3400c, I managed to read the very good article The Mad Hatter meets the MCSE, mentioned on a Slashdot post.

As I wrote in a past entry, I saw Sun Rays and MadHatter at Sun’s Milan offices a few weeks ago, and I was deeply impressed. This article examines in detail the impact of introducing a Lintel architecture in the Enterprise.

What I liked most from tonight’s quick read of this article (gonna read and summarize it for the big shots tomorrow at the office) are a few well-made points:

  • a Linux integration in the enteprise is a potential and very expensive failure, if it has to adapt to a Windows-based infrastructure
  • a Unix-based architecture is unlikely to evolve in Windows or Mainframe centric environments due to cultural differences between the two worlds
  • Sun’s Unix Business Architecture (UBA) has a tremendous potential and could change the way enterprises design and manage their IT infrastructures

Definitely a recommended reading.