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Travels and Architecture

27 settembre 2003

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Fori Imperiali, Rome, ca. 1993

I admit it, I’m an architect. Not only as in IT Architect or whatever my job title of the moment is, but as in builder of houses. I graduated in 1995, and though I was totally in love with architecture, for a series of coincidences and some luck I soon found myself working in IT, which had been till then little more than a hobby.

I never got back to architecture, and soon I more or less stopped studying and researching it, but in the deep recesses of my mind things continued to work, though at a different pace. So lately I’m thinking about a research project on a period of architecture I’ve always found very intriguing, and usually overlooked by historians of architecture. The project will involve heavy researching in the field, which happens to be the city where I live. So it will hopefully soon be time to pick up a camera and start wandering the streets in my free time.

Photography has been the third of my passions (read: obsessions) in the past with IT and architecture, so while I wait for my ever procrastinating self to start working on this new project, I’m digging out my old pictures to scan them and put them online as a sort of mental training.

Since they will use up bandwidth, and very few people will be interested in them, my pictures category will stay confined to a row in the right menu, without making it to my blog pages. If you’re interested, point your browser from time to time to my pictures area.