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Simple Aggregator 1.0

8 luglio 2004

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Simple Aggregator

From time to time I receive an inquiry about the status of of my FeedOnFeeds rewrite, so today I took a few hours to add the main missing bits. For those of you who have never heard of FeedOnFeeds, Simple Aggregator is a web-based news aggregator. It supports Atom feeds, CDF, and the nine different versions of RSS thanks to Mark Pilgrim’s Universal Feed Parser. There are still a few things missing (a frames view, OPML import/export, maybe categories), but it’s quite usable and highly customizable if you know a bit of HTML and/or PHP.

It features a few improvements over its ancestor:

  • a better SQL schema
  • separation of code and presentation using HTML templates
  • cleaner code, the web interface is composed of 3 PHP scripts, 3 templates, and two PEAR-compliant PHP classes (DB access and templating)
  • a Python command line feeds loader making full use of Mark Pilgrim’s Universal Feed Parser last-modified and etag support to reduce bandwidth usage
  • better looking (IMHO), and more user-friendly interface

It has few requirements:

  • a recent (2.2+) version of Python
  • the MySQLdb module
  • Mark Pilgrim’s Universal Feed Parser
  • MySQL 4.0+ with InnoDB support
  • a recent PHP with the mysql extension
  • the PEAR base class in your PHP include_path

If you want to give it a try, version 1.0 is available for download. Please send me any comments, patches, or features suggestions.