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My blog's new clothes

29 marzo 2005

4 commenti


As you may have noticed, I have moved this blog to a “proper” blog engine (BTW I apologize if my new feeds have screwed up your aggregator) instead of the mess of Python scripts I used before to generate static pages. I am still convinced that generating everything dynamically is overkill, but since I have been working with WordPress on our commercial blogs for the past few months, I have come to appreciate the enormous gain in flexibility versus my previous approach.

I did not use a stock WP though: given my usual inclination towards dismantling (often) and reassembling (rarely) everything to try to “make it right”, I have spent a good part of those past few months rewriting a new frontend for WP from scratch. It’s working wonderfully on our commercial blogs, handling a decent traffic on a very old machine, and more importantly it’s cleaner and faster than WP, uses less queries, and it’s much more flexible. Now that it’s somewhat stabilized I am going to rewrite the backend too, so as to be able to remove all WP code and use a single installation (and user/post base) for all our blogs.

I hope this faceblog-lifting will make me write a bit more, even though this is fast becoming the busiest time of my life. If you will be in Paris for Le Blogs on the 24th-25th of April drop me a note, I will be there since I’m supposed to take part to the Nanopublishing panel. Oh, and please help me find a better name for my blog…

4 commenti

  • KennethPower
    31 marzo 2005 #

    I followed from your post to John’s blog. The link to your new WordPress front end is broken. I am very much interested in reviewing this work.

  • ludo
    1 aprile 2005 #

    Kenneth thanks for spotting the broken link.

  • necro
    9 aprile 2005 #

    the link is broken again.

  • ludo
    9 aprile 2005 #

    Thanks necro, I wiped the site out by mistake last night while upgrading my Italian blog to WP 1.5…..