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18 agosto 2003

Just a quick entry to open up the category, since my title points to it. =)

StaticBlog is a tool I’m developing to manage my blog. In as few words as possible, your entry writing process is

  • fire up your preferred editor and write your entry in any of the available formats (as of now, txt html and restructured text)
  • optionally define author, date, title and encoding (entry keywords are not yet implemented) in commented out lines at the beginning of the file if you don’t want the entry to get the defaults
  • save the file in the directory corresponding to its category inside staticblog’s data dir
  • run staticblog to catch changes, index them and generate the modified HTML pages and the RSS feeds

It is similar in concept to bzero, but unlike bzero you don’t have to explicitly tell it to parse a new entry, and well lots of other stuff. I gave up on bzero after a few minutes when it did refuse to work on one of my machines — a pretty plain Slackware 9.0 setup — and I noticed that its source code is not available.

You can read a bit more about StaticBlog in one of my previous entries.

If you’re interested in helping develop StaticBlog, or want to give it a try (it’s still very much work-in-progress, mind you), drop me a note.

update: I forgot to add that StaticBlog is written in Python.